28 September 2012

The rain it raineth every day

It is raining today. A soft, constant rain that sounds like a taffeta gown rustling down the stairs.  Occasionally a car will pass and the wheels will make that soft ribbony splashing sound. But otherwise it is a quiet rain. And much needed.

I do love the bright blue weather of September, with crisp nights and sunny days. But it has been very dry and the gardens will be better for having this lovely day-long rain. The air has been thick with the promise of it for days.  So heavy, in fact, you can hear the train whistle moaning in the distance, carrying on the dense breeze, despite being several miles away.

They say the rain may continue, off and on, throughout the weekend.  This is just fine with me.  I'll be baking scones, brewing lots of tea, working on my knitting project, and curling up with my latest book.
 And sitting on the verandah now and then,
listening to the rain fall into my garden.


  1. I love your description of the rain sounds in your first paragraph. I think I'll always think of the "soft ribbony splashing sound" whenever I hear a car drive through the rain from now on! Still very dry here in Minnesota. Trying to keep up with the watering, but still the plants and trees look desperate. I'm hoping for a rainy October, which is a sacrifice because I love the sunny, crisp fall weather!

  2. Thank you, Cheryl! it rained straight through the weekend with small periods of sunlight yesterday. And despite today's glorious sun, more rain is due mid-week. I hope you get rain, soon!