09 November 2013

Friends bearing gifts

Each Autumn I fill a lovely Flow Blue bowl on the dining room table
with a delicious assortment of fruit.
Both were generous hand-me-downs from dear friends.

 The fruit arrived one day in a plastic bag.
"Do you want this?" she asked.
I peered inside, thinking for a split second that it was real.
"Sure!" I said, happy to have all that luscious fruit in the house.

It was only after I reached in the bag that I realized what it was:
Vintage Waxed Fruit!
The fruit is so life like it's amazing.
(My grandchildren once tried to eat some of the grapes....)
Who knows how old it is... she didn't say and I didn't ask.  

The bowl made its way across the road one day,
cradled in the arms of my neighbor and friend.
"Do you want this?" she asked.
[My reputation for taking in cast offs is, apparently, widely known.]

She'd been cleaning out her attic and came over with the bowl,
and the large Flow Blue pitcher that matched.
Stunned, happy, disbelieving, I of course said yes.

And so, every year, these two beautiful gifts
come together — a symbol of generosity and friendship —
adding a lovely Autumnal touch to the cottage.

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