28 March 2013

Poutine Part Deux

So my favorite knitting Canadian is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee... a.k.a. The Yarn Harlot.  I don't often get to read her blog so when I do find the time I tend to read a whole bunch at once.  Not having read anything of hers from March, I sat down today and started reading backwards.  She had this to say in her blog last Friday.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's logo

March 22, 2013

When the Going gets Tough

I was going to post yesterday, I really was.  I was all over it, it and about eight million other things, and then right when the going got tough...

This gal got going out for poutine in the afternoon.  It was Jen's idea, and it's hard for me to refuse her anything, especially poutine on a snowy afternoon. I fight a daily battle not to go for poutine in the afternoon,  (In the interest of full disclosure, poutine was just our starter.  We had nachos for our main. We regret nothing.) By the time we were done lunch, knitting, and looking at the snow while going over some stuff.. that was it. The day was gone - and today I keep trying to feel bad about it, but I just can't. This time of year takes its toll, and I think you've got to cling to all the joie de vivre you can create.  

How cool is that?  Poutine on my mind last Friday. Poutine in her blog last Friday. Two knitter's minds with but a single thought. *
* NOTE: When I refer to myself as a fellow knitter with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, that's like saying my grandmother and Mario Andretti both liked to drive.

Carry on.