16 May 2011

What's in a name?

Only in the garden can you find such whimsical company! 

Cup and Saucer Vine
Student Parsnip
Cupid's Dart
Flower of an Hour
Danvers Half-Long Carrot [which half, one might ask]
Forget Me Not
Four O'Clocks
Wren's Egg Pole Bean
Job's Tears
Turk's Turbin Squash
Love in a Puff
Hamburg Parsley [hold the lettuce]
Love Lies Bleeding
Early Blood Turnip 
Long Pie Pumpkin [not to be confused with Short Pie, Mammoth, or Neck pumpkin!] 
Grandpa Ott Morning Glory
China Rose Radish
Prince's Feather
Mangle Wurtzel Beet 
Bouncing Bet
Florence Fennel [didn't she have a sister...?]
Tennis Ball Lettuce  
Scarlet Tassel
Sweet William
Jacob's Cattle Bean
Sensitive Plant [no doubt a distant relative of mine...]

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